The place does it come from? Sodium alginate comes from algae. In molecular gastronomy, it’s used with calcium to do the spherification and the reverse-spherification. With these methods, cooks are capable of do ravioles and pearls (caviar).

What’s it working for? This additive is utilized in by the textile business as an ink thickener (50%). Within the meals business);

How does it work? When this additive is dissolve, it helps to make the preparation extra thick. Nevertheless, when it’s in touch with calcium, in a chilly course of, a gel is type.

Software? Alginate turns into fashionable due to the appliance by the chef Ferran Adria. He makes use of this additive in his restaurant, the place he makes use of molecular gastronomy, to make giant jelly sphere with liquid in it. These spheres may be consuming chilly or scorching.

Historical past of lecithin? This additive was found within the 1881 by an English chemist. It comes from brown algae; it helps them to be extra versatile.

The best way to do it? -To have uniform and spherical pearls, you solely need to take the syringe and put it parallel to the calcium tub. – Watch out, don’t put the surplus alginate within the sink as a result of it should react to the calcium and will block impede it. – To remove the air bubbles, you might have to let the preparation settle a couple of hours. – To right the ph, you could have so as to add sodium citrate. The perfect ph for spherification is about 5.

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