Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scottish Banks and BBC Bias, Here we go again.

The wonderful BBC has done it again, lowering the tone of the debate with some wonderfully immature graphics of Alex Salmond laid upon images of Scottish Money.

In addition, we get (once again) a BBC presenter and viewpoint of the UK generously bailing out the irresponsible 'Scottish' banks. Not the UK bailing out a UK bank, no, no, no! the UK bailing out a 'Scottish' bank, therefore failing to acknowledge that Scotland is actually a component of the UK itself. Is Scotland already separate from the UK? I must have missed that.

What I want to know is, what do the unionist Scots think of all this?

They keep pushing the line that Scotland and the rest of the UK is 'Better Together' and yet at every turn, UK politicians, media and the public deliberately exclude Scotland from the UK when it suits their narrative. (e.g. The Banks).

Where are the English politicians, media or public saying 'Well to be fair, most of the banks operations are actually in England and mostly English customers would have suffered had they gone under. This is proof that we are Better Together as one combined Britain, Hurrah!'

Instead all Scotland gets is, 'YOUR banks would have failed without us, therefore it's abundantly clear that you cannot possibly govern yourselves alone. Oh and yes, we're Better Together, Hurrah!'

Unionists WAKE UP! They don't want you in THEIR club!

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