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UK 'Union' VS European Union (EU): Learn the Difference!

Hi all,

I've been spending a bit of time looking through the comments of the various Pro-Scottish Independence Facebook pages recently and I am starting to see a worrying trend. Namely, 'EU Bashing'.

For whatever reason, it's popular to hate the EU right now. Those meddlesome people in Brussels are getting a fair bit of stick from all quarters, not at least so from my home country. Warranted? maybe so, I don't really care. My problem with it is this, many (Pro-Independence people especially) have been in discussion about whether or not an Independent Scotland should join the EU at all and in doing so, are constantly comparing the UK with the EU.

Most of us know all too well, that one of the standard BritNat / Unionist tactics to scare away the YES vote, is to make it seem that if Scotland leaves the UK, an Independent Scotland will suddenly find itself swallowed by the giant, evil and corrupt European Union!

Anyone with half a brain knows damn well, that the two so called 'unions' are nothing alike, but lets explore this in the context of a pro-Independence stance.

Here are some snippits of the types of comments that worry me:

"My view is that gaining independence from England only to start taking orders from a bunch of bureaucrats across the water is tantamount to escaping the clutches of one control freak and leaping into bed with another" FB Comment 
Unionist Lie, told by a Pro-Indy Supporter.

"if we got independence and stayed in Europe, Scotland would be in a worse mess than it is now , just be exchanging Westminster to getting dictated to by the fat cats in Brussels, Scotland on its own , especially if England pulled out ,would have no chance in Europe however much we would like to kid ourselves otherwise." FB Comment
Unionist Lie, told by a Pro-Indy Supporter.

"there would be no independence in Europe what so ever.think of the EU as 1 government.they don't listen to their people's thoughts only their own...greed, Scotland would have no chance in the EU.true independence is a county on its own, self-reliant and self-sufficient" 
FB Comment
Unionist Lie, told by a Pro-Indy Supporter.

I am not going to stand here and defend the EU, but what I will do is suggest that if you or any of your friends and family have said things similar to the comments above, then you need to go and learn the difference between the European Union and UK, because by constantly bashing the EU in the terms of the above comments, you are helping to secure a NO vote in the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014. 

Let me explain that,

The above comments might have been made by people who will indeed vote YES in 2014, but for the undecided or 'on the fence' people that are yet to be convinced to vote yes in 2014, the last thing a pro-independence supporter wants to do is continually compare the UK and EU. For every discussion about this topic, it's likely that a few people are indeed undecided or still unsure about which way to vote. There may even be YES voters right now who will change their mind based upon the above (completely false) comparisons to an Independent Scotland's position within the European Union.

To clarify the levels of power and independence a Independent Country within the European Union has and a so called 'country' with the United Kingdom has, let's compare Scotland and Italy.

Scotland (not an independent country) within the UK, which is within the EU has control over:
  • Healthcare (overall budget still controlled by UK)
  • Education (overall budget still controlled by UK)
  • Law (overall budget still controlled by UK)
  • Tourism (overall budget still controlled by UK)
  • Some Transport Policies (overall budget still controlled by UK)
Italy (an independent country) within the EU, has control over:
  • Economy (within the Eurozone)
  • Defence
  • Healthcare
  • Pensions
  • Military
  • Education
  • Foreign Affairs (Embassies, United Nations, European Union etc)
  • Broadcasting
  • Law
  • Energy
  • Taxation
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Banking regulation (in conjunction with the European Central Bank)
  • Natural resources
  • Economic and Monetary Policy
  • Constitutional Matters
So, on the one hand we have Scotland, a devolved region of a country called the United Kingdom, which is a part of the European Union. 

On the other hand, we have Italy, an Independent Country which is a part of the European Union.

Italy, despite being a part of the EU, is still very much an independent country in all the ways that matter. They have the freedom to decide whether or not to declare or join a war. They have the freedom to decide if nuclear weapons (if any) can be based on Italian soil. Italy can tailor and amend it's governance and economy to fit the will of the Italian people. Scotland can't do any of these things. 

If the ruling party of the United Kingdom decides to attack Iran in the next few years, then as a part of the UK Scotland will be involved and Scottish blood will be spilled, no discussion. 

If the UK decides that it would like to shut down more of it's military bases in Scotland, then they can do so, no discussion.  

If the UK decides to take the economy in a completely different direction than what many people in Scotland would like, then regardless of devolution, the UK will act without hindrance. 

If the UK decides to cut back the Block Grant that Scotland needs to operate, then regardless of any protest from the parliament in Holyrood, the UK government can do what it chooses.

If you want a NO vote in 2014 and wish to keep Scotland as a region of the UK, then by all means carry on  spreading these lies about how a newly independent Scotland will suddenly be controlled by the evil EU.

If you do want Scottish Independence in 2014, then let's achieve it by spreading the facts, not by validating this ridiculous unionist rhetoric. Otherwise the 'undecided' within earshot, might just vote NO because of you.

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