Wednesday, March 14, 2012

England would BOMB Scotland !

England could have no choice but to bomb Scottish airports in order to defend itself from attack if Scotland became independent, the former Solicitor General for Scotland has warned.

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie said if Scotland was left undefended, the enemies of England could use it as a base from which to launch air raids over the border, The Herald reported.

"If that were to happen what alternative would England have but to come and bomb the hell out of Glasgow airport and Edinburgh airport," he said.

The Tory peer was speaking in Edinburgh on Monday at the launch of a pamphlet examining the prospects of the UK splitting up.


Although this is a very amusing article, it seems to be a given among many people that Scotland would not be able to defend itself. Why do people think this?

Scotland WILL inherit at least an 8.6% share of UK defence assets upon seperation. 

8.6% of all UK defence could be interpreted as these main assets.(not including most of the auxiliary and training equipment and most of these figures end up with Scotland gaining e.g. 55% of a ship and I have not counted it as such.
  • 14 Eurofighters
  • 11 Tornado Jets
  • 1 Reconnaissance aircraft
  • 20 Transport and SAR Helicopters
  • 6 Apache Attack Helicopters
  • 3 Lynx Attack Helicopters
  • 36 Challenger II Tanks
  • 28 Scimitar Light Tanks
  • 67 Warrior Fighting Vehicles
  • 77 Bulldog Armoured Vehicles
  • 1,314 additional armoured and non armoured vehicles.
  • 25 Modern Air Defence Missile Launchers
As you can see from the very partial example list above, an Independent Scotland would have no problem defending herself.

Of the 79 active ships in the Royal Navy, an 8.6% share would be 6.7 ships. The composition of these would of course be subject to negotiation.


Nic said...

In comparison NZ has around 200 armored vehicles a couple of ANZAC class frigates and a handful of transport aircraft.
Population around a million less than Scotland and just over three times the land mass... though NZ does have a large amount of water between it and almost anywhere else.

MartyP said...

I think the point is that given the antipthy between England and Scotland that the Scots are going to be seen as an enemy state in all likelyhood. Given Scots Anglophobia, letting them have any of the current UK military equipment would be a bit like Israel selling arms to IRan!