Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Moon is Upside Down

The Moon is Upside Down

One day, late in 2002, I arrived in Australia. I looked up into the night sky one clear Sydney evening and saw it. "Holy crap, the moon is upside doon!" (thats Scottish for "Down")

The "man in the moon" was indeed there though, but I had to sort of turn my head and twist my neck before I could see his crater scarred face looking back at me, upside down "cooooool" I said to myself.

Since then I've moved from Australia to NZ, where being a bit further south, the moon is ever more upside down.

A couple of times I have dropped the fact that the moon is upside down into the odd random conversation here and there, what I find interesting is the amount of people who don't believe me!

I was in Paihia (Small NZ Tourist Town) a few years ago for summer and I met up with a bunch of other backpackers (mostly English) and we hung out having drinks each night and I mentioned to some of them "have you noticed that the moon is upside down?" a couple of them thought I was winding them up, others gave me a strange stare as if I was on drugs.

"Um, no" was the reply from one of the girls, "what are you talking about?" and I tried to explain to her the fact that when we are in New Zealand or Australia, we are pretty much upside down in relation to where we would be back in the UK, therefore the moon appears to be upside down to our perspective.

This merely gained me more strange looks and after an awkward silence, someone simply changed the subject.

I've noticed that Some people love it when this question is raised. It often leads the conversation in a direction other than how good last nights episode of Coronation Street was or how hot Justin Timberlake looked at that award ceremony the other night.

I admit, I have an ulterior motive when I ask that sort of question to someone I may have just met, because what I am actually asking is, "do you think the world is flat?"

Now of course if you were to ask that question directly to anyone, they would always say "no, don't be stupid" but asking about the moon being upside down is another way of asking the same thing.

Someone's reaction, or level of interest pretty much lets me know if they are someone Ill get on with or not :-)

The Moon is Upside Down by Muzzerino

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Ken said...

Lol.! the moon is not upside down for long it rotates the opposite to the earth. that is why we have the dark side of the moon, the side that never gets light!.
But nice try.

Ken said...

Oh man, I didn't think the black box was something you would of liked, or I would of told you about it yesterday, I'm sorry.

And here soon I will get with you on the moon thing it must of been the way I worded it (it wouldn't be the first time lol) Have fun black boxing! lol

小喬 said...

wow nice blog!!

Yore Best Friend said...

Ken, your knowledge is just enough rope to hang yourself.

John Eric said...

Ken, dude... you're really kind of stupid. The dark side of the moon has nothing to do with this. We all see the same side of the moon but at different angles depending on our location (continent). Southern hemisphere "upside down" from Northern hemisphere. You should really think before you type something, especially when you follow it with "nice try", as if to say someone else is ignorant.

Robert said...

I noticed the upside-down moon too when I first went down under and it was something I'd never expected. Nobody had ever mentioned it to me before I went, and it was a genuine revelation. I knew the stars were all different, but the moon??!

It's a humbling experience to think that if simple geometry can throw up such a surprise, I really understand very little about the universe.

You are spot on about the strange looks you get when you mention it.